So about me...hmmm.  

Well, I'm Tonya and this is my wonderful husband Kris pictured with me.  We are pretty simple I think.  We have 3 great kids and one grandson that's 5, and he seriously hung the moon.  Okay, Okay, maybe didn't hang it but we totally get why they are called GRANDkids..he's incredible.  My husband and I both are the kind of people that cry over football documentaries if this tells you anything about us, lol.  We are big saps but that's because we truly care.  That's probably my favorite thing about not only my husband but myself, our hearts.  I'm not perfect by any means but I sure give everything 100% and do it with a sincere heart.   Speaking of heart, Photography is definitely where my heart is.  I've been a professional photographer for almost 11 years and it's been SUCH a rewarding career.  I didn't choose to be a photographer (I have a degree in human services and sociology) but looking back at my life art chose me at a very early age.  God made sure that as much as I ran from the calling I would eventually give in and I'm so very grateful that I did.  So that's me simplified, I have a big heart and a love for God, my family and of course photography.  Oh yea, and my Southern roots run deep but you'll know that as soon as we meet and I open my mouth :)...which hopefully we will be soon.  Until then, Blessings and Hugs!!  -Tonya